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Inefficient missense mutation suppressors

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Hi. Can someone please explain the following answer to me:

Q: Do you think that the mutated anticodon ACU (which inserts serine) can suppress a particular missense mutation?

A: Yes, the mutated anticodon should insert serine at Trp codons. Thus, some missense mutants that have a Trp replacement in the defective protein might be suppressed by insertion of Ser. Since the suppressor is probably inefficient, missense suppression should be most often observed in proteins that can do their jobs at low concentrations (like enzymes).

I understand everything but the last sentence. What does it mean that the suppressor is probably inefficient? And at low concentrations of what? Amino acids?

Thank you!

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The inefficient missense mutation suppressors are analyzed.

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The last sentence is indeed ambiguous. I will describe that a missense mutation is when a base change ...

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