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The effects of prophase inhibition

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in the Prophase what happens when problems occurs with this phase? Does mitosis proceed normally, if not were in mitosis do problems occur and what could be the out come of the cell? What would be the impact of the body as a whole if this happens (problems with the cells)?

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In this problem, we review the importance of prophase, emphasizing the importance of the mitotic spindle during prophase. We discuss what happens when the mitotic spindle is inhibited. Then, we examine how mitotic spindle inhibition plays a role in cancer treatment and cancer drug side effects.

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1) What is prophase?

A brief summary of prophase:

Prophase - the first stage of mitosis.
• The chromosomes condense and become visible
• The centrioles form and move toward opposite ends of the cell ("the poles")
• The nuclear membrane dissolves
• The mitotic spindle forms, which forms by microtubule polymerization.
• Spindle fibers from each centriole attach to each sister chromatid at the kinetochore (1)

2) What happens when problems occur during prophase?

If problems occur during prophase, the microtubule assembly for separating chromosomes may not form and the cell will not be able to progress through the cell cycle.

There is a certain ...

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