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    To Test or Not to Test, An Critical Issue with Chronic Diseases

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    If you knew that an untreatable, devastating, late-onset, inherited disease runs in your family, in other words, a disease that does not appear until after age 40, and you could be tested for it at age 20, would you want to know whether you will develop the disease? Would your answer be likely to change when you reach age 40?

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    We are a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Genes are an interesting thing and generally offer a bit of a gamble. Angelina Jolie not only had both her breasts removed but shared it publically. According to an unstated author at http://www.ghanacelebrities.com/2013/05/14/bg-actress-angelina-jolie-had-both-of-her-breasts-removed-to-prevent-cancer/ (14 May 2013 ) , "The Oscar- winning actress has said she underwent the ...

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    Testing for untreatable disease early and later in life is discussed.