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Energy questions

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1). Energy is stored in cells when a ------- ------- is added to a molecule of ----------- ----------

2). Write a sentence of two explaining the concept of entropy.

3). Explain what an exergonic reaction is with respect to free energy.

4). What do we mean when we say a substance has been reduced?

5). Gien the terms carbon, amino group, protein, quaternary structure, carboxyl group, peptide, amino acid describe a series of reactions in an anabolic pathway

^).If a certain animal has a diploid chromosome number 48, how many chromosomes would a sprem cell have?

7). Explain the difference between meiosis in males and meiosis in females.

8). Cystic fibrosis is caused by an autosomal recessive gene. Two parents are carriers (heterozygous) for the condition. They have a child. What is the chance the child has cystic fibrosis.

9). Three alleles (A,a, and a') are found at certain locus. List all the possible genotypes for a diploid individual.

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Energy questions are posed for general biology. The expert provides a sentence explaining the concepts of entropy.

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1. Energy is stored in cells when a phosphate group is added to a molecule of ADP, adenosine diphosphate. When this happens, a molecule of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is formed. This is the basic "energy currency" of all living things.

2. Entropy is a measurement of the amount of randomness or disorder in a system.

3. An exergonic reaction is one in which free energy is released from the system. Thus, an exergonic reaction usually supplies available free energy in order to drive an endergonic reaction, one which requires an input of free energy. Free energy is a thermodynamic parameter which combines enthalpy, entropy, and temperature. Overall, it is a measurement of whether or not a reaction is spontaneous or not under a set of given conditions. An exergonic reaction is spontaneous.

4. A compound that has been reduced has gained electrons (typically associated ...

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