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    Benzene Questions

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    1. Benzene is an organic solvent with the formula, C6H6. It boils at 80.1oC and melts at 5.5oC. Benzene's density is 0.88 gm/ml, its heat of vaporization is 20.0 KJoules per mole, its heat of fusion is 10.0 KJoules per mole, its heat capacity is 0.50 KJoules per mole-degree C for liquid benzene, 0.25 KJoules per mole-degree C for solid benzene, and 0.125 KJoules per mole-degree C for gaseous benzene.
    Calculate the following:

    1. The energy required to heat 390 grams of benzene from 150oC to 450o C.
    2. The energy to removed heat 3.9 milligrams of benzene from 15oC to 60oC.
    3. The energy removed to cool 390 kilograms of benzene from -70oC to -90oC.
    4. The volume occupied by 1 micromole of liquid benzene and the volume occupied by 1 megamole of benzene as a vapor at STP (assume an ideal gas)
    5. The energy required to cool 7.8 grams of benzene from -150oC to 400o C.

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