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Benzene and bromine react from bromobenzene

Benzene and bromine react from bromobenzene, as represented by the equation. The densities of benzene and bromobenzene are 0.879 g/ml, respectively. How many mL of bromobenzene can ce prepared from 12.5 mL benzene?

C6H6 + Br2 --> C6H5Br + HBr

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Step 1: Convert ml benzene into g of benzene using density
(12.5 ml benzene)(0.879 g/ml) = 11.0 g benzene

Step 2: Convert g benzene into mol benzene using molar mass of benzene
(11.0 g benzene)(1 mol/78.0 g) = 0.141 mol benzene

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The solution examines Benzene and bromine as it reacts with bromobenzene.