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Fermi Energy and Circuits

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Please could you provide detailed answers from the questions below;

1. a silicon n-p-n bipolar junction (BJT) is designed with emitter, base and collector doping levels of 1019 cm-3 , 1015 cm-3 and 5 × 1017 cm-3 , respectively. Assuming the intrinsic carrier concentration (ni) in silicon to be 1010 cm-3 , calculate the Fermi energy, EF, relative to the intrinsic Fermi energy, EFi for each layer. Hence draw the energy band diagram for the BJT labelling the energy sale clearly to show the relative positions of EF and EFi across the structure.

Explain; [a] the choice of doping levels for emitter, base and collector.

[b] the biasing conditions required to turn the transistor on.

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