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    Plot of the Fermi distribution function for different temperatures

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    plot the fermi distribution function at 200,300 and 400k(all on grah) and discuss the results in comparison to question 4.


    http://ecee.colorado.edu/~bart/book/distrib.htm (2.4.3)
    these webs may help to plot the Fermi Function

    Also I attached answer of Q4 to comparison

    NOTE, I would like use excel or Igor pro to plot

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    Dear Student,

    I am sending you plotted graphs of the Fermi distribution function at temperature 200 K, 300 K and 400 K.

    Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

    You calculated concentrations of the free holes for temperatures:

    Clearly, concentration of the holes is increasing as the temperature is rising.
    We have an example of p-type semiconductor where the charge carriers are holes. When we add some acceptor atom, the Fermi level will have lower energy with respect to the Fermi level of intrinsic semiconductor; it will be closer ...

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    The problem was to plot Fermi distribution function for three different temperatures on one graph in Excel.