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Physics Ultraviolet light: What kind of relationship exists between emitted light and time

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Certain crystals fluoresce when exposed to a short burst of ultraviolet light. The amount of light emitted by the crystals is both time and temperature dependent. The emitted light is maximum at the time of excitation, the output then decaying with time. Such materials can be used to measure temperature. Given are some relative fluorescent light outputs as a function of time for 4 different temperatures. You are to, first of all, in a proper fashion, graph this data (relative output vs. time) for each temperature separately. What kind of relationship exists between the emitted light and time? Find the time constant for each temperature. Then, make a graph of the time constant as a function of temperature. What kind of relationship results?

Relative Outputs: 1.0, 0.75, 0.5, 0.3, 0.2

Time and temp(respective to above outputs):

30 degrees celcius: 0s, 0.06s, 0.14s, 0.24s, 0.33s
35 degrees celcius: 0s, 0.12s, 0.28s, 0.48s, 0.64s
40 degrees celcius: 0s, 0.18s, 0.42s, 0.72s, 0.98s
45 degrees celcius: 0s, 0.23s, 0.56s, 0.97s, 1.30s

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The solution clearly explains the problem and provides two graphs for better understanding.

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See attached files (temp.jpg) for plot between relative output vs time.

It shows that the relative output decrease as a function ...

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