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    Standard Deviation of a Probability Distribution

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    Suppose the probability distribution for the high temp in Nevada on June 1 is normally distributed with a mean of 65 degrees. If a box plot was made it would have an IQR = 20 degrees.

    1. What's the standard deviation of that probability distribution?

    2. Find the probability that June 1st temp is in the 70s.

    3. If the high temp for June 1, 2, 3 all have the same probability distribution and are statistically independent, what's the probability that high temps for that period will be in the 70s every day?

    Would you show your work so I can follow how you determined the answers?

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    (1) SD = IQR/1.35 = 20/1.35 = 14.81

    (2) z = (x- mu)/SD = ...

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