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Solve: Expected Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation

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In answering the following questions, it is given that the potential investment has the following range of possible outcomes and probabilities: 10% probability of a -20% return, 40% probability of a 15% return, 40% probability of a 25% return, and a 10% probability of a 50% return.

(a) Calculate the weighted mean of the probability distribution;
(b) calculate the variance of the probability distribution;
(c) Calculate the standard deviation of the probability distribution.
(d) Calculate the coefficient of variation of the probability distribution.
(e) Would another investment having a coefficient of variation of .25 appear to offer a higher return per unit of risk?

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a) Calculate the weighted mean of the probability distribution

Probability P Return ( R) P*R
0.1 -20% -0.02
0.4 15% 0.06
0.4 25% 0.1
0.1 50% 0.05

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