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    How many tryptic diget products are there in the protein sequence?

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    How many tryptic products are there (integer) and what are their molecular weight *you don't have to fill in all the empty slots in the poll, just enter as many as there are fragments)? The molecular weight of amino acids are given attached.

    Based on the peptide molecular weight, is the protein more likely to be present in MS profile? A or B?

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    The first thing we have to do is determine the sites of typsin cleavage. Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme that cleaves peptides on the C-terminal side of arginine and lysine (basic residues).

    Next, let us mark the sites of trypsin cleavage in the peptide. If you are unsure of the one letter abbreviations of the amino acids, you'll need to look them up in a chart. You can go to http://www.bmrb.wisc.edu/referenc/nomcla.html for a listing. For now, know that K is lysine and R is arginine. The other fact we need is that peptides are always written from the N-terminal side to the C-terminal side.

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    This solution begins by determining the sites of typsin cleavage. Next, we mark the sites of trypsin cleavage in the peptide. Then we list the fragments separately and determine the molecular weight of each of these six fragments. Then we compare these molecular masses to the mass specs and see which one relates. The solution ultimately determines which spectrum matches.