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Consensus Sequence in DNA

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Attached is a file I need to use to answer some questions. The DNA is 5' to 3'

These questions refer to an intron that starts at nucleotide 128 and is 179 nucleotides long, ending at nucleotide 306.

1. By how many nucleotides do the first six nucleotides (on the 5' end) of the first intron differ from their consensus sequence?
2. By how many nucleotides do the last ten nucleotides (on the 3' end) of the first intron differ from their consensus sequences?
3. By how many nucleotides does the AAUAAA cleavage signal in the mRNA differ from its consensus sequence?

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This solution helps answer questions regarding consensus sequence of a DNA strand. It helps determine the number of nucleotides with respect to the ends of the DNA and the introns. The explanation is given in 149 words.

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In order to determine whether your nucleotide sequences differ from a consensus sequence, you need the consensus sequence for your protein. You need to know what parts of the gene and mRNA you have a consensus sequence ...

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