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Chi squared analysis

In corn, colored aleurone (R) is dominant to colorless aleurone (r), and green plant color (G) is dominant to yellow plant color (g). two plants, each heterozygous for both characteristics, are testcrossed to homozygous recessives, and their progeny are combined to produce the following totals:

colored green 100
colored yellow 97
colorless green 103
colorless yellow 100

a) use chi-squared analysis to test these data for independent assortment of the two characteristics.
b) when the progeny of each of the two heterozygous plants are scored separately, the following results are obtained:

phenotypes plant 1 plant 2
colored green 88 12
colored yellow 12 85
colorless green 9 95
colorless yellow 92 8

use chi-squared analysis to test each data set for independent assortment.

c) explain the results of the three chi-squared analyses. what do these analyses tell you about the chromosomal arrangements and the genotypes of plants 1 and 2 and the events that occured during gamete production?