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    Using Chi-squared

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    Does the following agree with Mendel's Law of Segregation, (in respect to alleles for the gene of fur color)? Also, calculate the Chi-Square and explain the purpose of the calculation.

    A breeder crosses white dogs with black dogs. F1 generation were all black dogs. The progeny were crossed to produce a F2 generation of; 71 white dogs:249 blakc dogs.

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    Let us assume that the trait of coat color involves one gene with two alleles. Since mating a black dog with a white dog results in all black dogs we will assume that the black allele (B) is dominant to the white allele (b). The first mating would look like bb x BB yielding all black offsprings with a genotype Bb. The next cross would involve two Bb black ...

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    Several paragraph explaining how to use chi-squared to determine if results from a cross agrees with Mendel's Law of Segregation. Web references provided.