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    Alleles Sequence Causing Blue Soybeans

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    Suppose you are working for a biotechnology company in the "New Plant Products" division. You wander into the greenhouse and come across a recently harvested bag of soybeans that are colored a neon blue. There are currently 5 soybean plants in the greenhouse, but the bag is not labeled as to which plant they were obtained from. Describe how you would go about identifying the source plant. Secondly, describe how you would go about determining the sequence of this particular allele that is responsible for the blue color. Assume a single gene controls soybean seed color, and that you already know the nucleotide sequence of the wild type allele.

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    First of all you will extract DNA from the soybeans that are colored neon blue. Let us label this as experimental E1. Then extract DNA from the 5 soybean plants individually, let us label them W1, W2, W3, W4 and W5.
    Design primers around the nucleotide sequence flanking the wild type allele. The flanking region of the allele can be easily determined by blasting the nucleotide ...

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    The mystery of neon blue soybeans is addressed in this solution about alleles.