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Human Hemoglobin Sample

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Normal Human Hemoglobin (HbA) P50 = 26 torr and the hill coefficientis N= 2.8

You have obtained the following oxygen binding curve data on a new sample of human hemoglobin.

A) Is this sample normal?

(This can be solved by visual inspection)

po2 log(po2) Theta theta/1-Theta) Log(theta/1-Theta)
10 1.000 0.0039 0.0039 -2.4089
20 1.301 0.0588 0.0625 -1.2041
30 1.477 0.2404 0.3164 -0.4998
40 1.602 0.5 1.0000 0.0000
50 1.699 0.7094 2.4410 0.3876
60 1.778 0.8351 5.0630 0.7044
70 1.845 0.9037 9.3790 0.9722
80 1.903 0.9412 16.0000 1.2041
90 1.954 0.9624 25.6300 1.4087
100 2.000 0.975 39.0600 1.5917

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This solution is provided in 224 words. It discusses the importance of P50 and Hill coefficient values in determining if a sample of hemoglobin is normal or not.

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To answer this problem, you need to figure out the values of P50 and n (the Hill coefficient) for the new hemoglobin sample, then compare these to the values for normal hemoglobin.

P50 describes the partial pressure of oxygen at which half of the O2 binding sites are occupied. Theta represents the fraction ...

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