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Simple Chemistry Questions

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1. Describe how you would prepare 1 liter of each of the following solutions.
a). 1.5 M glycine
b). 0.5 mM glucose
c). 10 mM ethanol
d). 10 mM hemoglobin

2. Describe how you would prepare just 100ml of each of the solutions in problem #1 above

3. When preparing a solution, why do you dissolve the component in less diluent than the desired final volume of the solution?

4. If you were given the stock solutions of 1M Tris Bufffer and 0.5M EDTA, how would you prepare 10ml of 10mM Tris and 10ml of 1mM EDTA

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a). Molar mass of glycine = 75.07 g/mol

(1.5 moles/Liter of glycine)*(1 Liter) = 1.5 moles glycine
(1.5 moles glycine)*(75.07 g/mol) = 112.61 grams of glycine

Dissolve 112.61 grams of glycine in 1 liter of water. You can change this mass to a volume through the density of glycine if you prefer.

b). Molar mass of glucose = 180.16 g/mol

(0.5 millimoles/Liter of glucose)*(1 Liter)*(1 mole / 1000 millimoles) = 0.0005 moles of glucose
(0.0005 moles glucose)*(180.16 gram/mol)*(1000 ...

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