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    Matlab- Hemoglobin spectroscopy.

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    Hemoglobin spectroscopy.

    There are three files to be used for this problem: oxy.asc gives the μa spectrum of 100% oxyhemoglobin for tissue with 0.5% blood content by volume and 150 mg of hemoglobin per mL of blood (first column is wavelength in nm, second column is μa in cm-1), deoxy.asc gives the same for 100% deoxyhemoglobin, and tissue.asc gives a spectrum of tissue with unspecified blood content and oxygenation. Each spectrum is given between 700 and 950 nm.

    Using Matlab, Construct a full-spectrum least-squares fit to the tissue spectrum. Using these fitting coeffcients for oxy and deoxy hemoglobin, calculate
    (a) the O2 saturation percentage and
    (b) the micromolarity of hemoglobin in the tissue as a whole (not just the blood). Plotyour least-squares spectral fit on top of the sample spectrum, to demonstrate that it is a good fit.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    The LSQ fit and the appropriate plot are written in the attached Matlab script.

    The O2 percentage is the xx(1) calculated in the script * ...