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Matlab Function Polyfit

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Not quite sure how to use polyfit to write the matlab program.

(See attached file for full problem description)

pO2 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
Y 0.18 0.4 0.65 0.8 0.87 0.92 0.94 0.95 0.95 0.96 0.96 0.97

Where pO2 is given in units of mmHg.
Data collected for tetrameric bovine hemoglobin binding to oxygen is given above. Using this data, (a) create the oxygen dissociation curve, perform a linear regression on the experimental data using built-in Matlab function, polyfit, and plot your best-fit model with the data to show that linearity exists.

I think we are supposed to use the Hill equation to capture the sigmoidal shape of the oxygen dissociation curve.

And Henry's equation:

ln(Y/(1-Y)) = n*ln(pO2)+n*ln(P50)
where the model is linear in n and in P50

(See attached file for full problem description)

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I have made a program to fit the Henry's equation you have written and to plot a figure to compare the original data with the fit.

Here is the text of the program ( I also attach the pO2.m file)


function po2()

% this is the data provided
pO2 ...

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The expert examines Matlab function polyfit. Henry's equations are analyzed.

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Matlab model using normal equations model to analyze the body's response to a bolus injection of antibiotic

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This model is used to analyze the body's response to a bolus injection of this antibiotic:
B(t) = B0e(-k*t)
Using this model, and data provided for the average plasma concentration data in ug/ml with time in hours :
a) perform linear regression on this penicillin clearance using the normal equations
b) plot the concentration data and re-plot the log of the concentration data to show that it appears linear.
c) Determine initial concentration, B0, and elimination rate constant, k

Concentration (ug/ml) Time (min)
89 22
60 44
30 88
15 132
7 176

a) for linear regression
ln( B ) = ln( B0 )- Kt

I'm not sure how to use the normal equations in MATLAB to plot this? We're not supposed to use polyfit function... I think you have to make a 2 column matrix with a column of 1's and a column of the time?

(See attached file for full problem description)

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