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Lagrangian Interpolation

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If e^1.3 is approximated by Langrangian interpolation from the values of e0=1, e1=2.7183, and e2 =7.3891., what are the minimum and maximum estimates for the error? Compare to the actual error.

use MATLAB using "polyfit" and "polyval" functions

Repeat above problem but now extra polate to get e^2.7.

NOTE: Find Lagrange p6(x) by hand and by using MATLAB function "polyfit", that is, cubic spline: write matlab program to solve the matrix with end condition 1.

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Lagrange interpolating polynomial is built so its values at points at which the function is known are the same as the values of the function being interpolated.

You are supposed to have the necessary definitions and formulae in your textbook(s) or lecture notes, however, just in ...

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Lagrangian interpolation is investigated.