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    Steps in Isolating DNA Using Strawberry Fruit

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    To do molecular biology studies of DNA, one must develop methods to extract it. The extraction of DNA can be very complicated because of the structural and chemical complexity of cells. Eukaryotic cells are composed of many different organelles that are suspended in a complex aqueous matrix of soluble and insoluble materials. Plant cells are more complicated because they are surrounded by a rigid cell wall. Molecular biologists need to break up the cells and extract the DNA from the nucleus where most of the cell's DNA is located. We will use the strawberries to isolate DNA.

    1. Why use the fruit strawberry to isolate DNA?

    2. What are the materials needed to isolate DNA?

    3. What are the steps in isolating the DNA from strawberries?

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    1. Why use the fruit strawberry to isolate DNA?

    Strawberries has many advantages for isolating DNA. The first is that strawberries contain lots of DNA. Strawberries like most cultivated plants, have more than a diploid number of chromosomes. Strawberries are octoploid, which means they have four times as much DNA as comparable diploid individual. Another advantage is that cells of strawberry have large central vacuoles with liquid contents, which mean that they have fewer solid components to sort through to get to the nuclei. The final advantage is that they undergo the process of ripening, which is the softening of the cell walls by controlled enzymatic process that breaks down the cell wall's rigid components. This process makes it easy to remove the cell walls from the cells. The cells of strawberries become soft, sweet,a nd succulent; making it easyt to break apart the cells to extract ...

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    The molecule of life is DNA. DNA is the unit of hereditary that is carried by all living organisms. DNA is found mainly in the nucleus of the cells. DNA extraction method have been developed to isolate DNA for research purposes. The type of DNA isolation process depends on the tissues type. Plant and animal tissues require different method of DNA isolation. Here we will look at the step in isolating DNA from the strawberries fruit.