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    Effects of Irradiation of Fetus

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    An x-ray exam has been performed on a female who later determined she was pregnant at the time of the x-ray exposure. Discuss the factors that affect her embryo's response to irradiation. Explain the possible principal effects of irradiation to her fetus.

    Design a graph/table showing specific effects on various organs of the body and the doses that the effects will occur

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    X- ray exposure can cause harm in mammalian organisms. The general rule is that the sensitivity of cells or tissues to radiation is directly proportional to its rate of proliferation. If this is true, then the human fetus is more sensitive to radiation than the adult because the fetus is in a state of high cell ...

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    Since the fetus is highly proliferative during the early stages, one can say that the fetus is most sensitive to radiation. The solution explains exactly how in just over 200 words with a chart of affected organs attached in Word.