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    Pop art examples like Lichtenstein

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    For this assignment, you are to create a poster using Pop art or Op Art influences. Research the following artists for inspiration:

    *Andy Warhol
    *Roy Liechtenstein
    *Robert Rauschenberg
    *Jasper Johns
    *Josef Albers
    *Bridget Louise Riley
    *Yaacov Agam
    *Jesús Rafael Soto

    Explain how your composition is similar to the art movement you have chosen. Use appropriate terminology that you gained knowledge of in Design Fundamentals

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    Pop art uses popular images, that's where the term comes from. Op art uses graphic illusions, like optical illusions, which is where the term op art comes from. The examples I gave you are both pop art examples.

    Of these two samples I prefer example poster 1 best. These pop artists used unique, modern ...

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    A brief discussion of Lictenstein's work, with Web-based URLs and two example artworks done in that style is provided.