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    Personal collage artwork

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    Hi, I need help getting started on this assignment. I think I might do it on sports, how can I approach this? I am really stuck on how to begin.

    A) Create a collage in the manner of Romare Bearden. You will need scissors, glue or glue stick, old magazines, newspapers and a sheet of typing paper. Use the scissors to cut out images from the magazines and newspapers. Cut along the contour edge of the images you choose. In choosing your images, consider personal history, childhood memories, and key events. You may include in the collage a photocopied picture of you. Before you glue the images down, play around with the arrangement of the images on the paper. Once you have the arrangement worked out, glue the images onto the paper?

    B) A short statement which answers the following questions should be included with the collage; (In the Form of a Word Document) How does the subject matter, artistic effects and cultural influence all work together in your collage to create an effective work of art?

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    First, you must search the Web to see images of the selected artist's works. One such site where you can see images of his work is located at URL: http://www.nga.gov/feature/bearden/img-list.shtm, but there are many others you can also choose to view. Take some time to look at these works which your professor wants you to mimic.

    Second, think about your own life. For example, take sports. If sports inspire and influence you, choose images for your own collage that are sports-oriented. Get some Sports Illustrated magazines and select images that resonate with you specifically: if you played soccer, choose those types of images. Did you win a championship? Include a trophy. You must defend your images, so you must choose images which have personal meaning for ...

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    How do I make a personal collage in the style of Romare Bearden, using sports as my inspiration? How to I write an explanation, or a justification, of the artistic decisions I made while creating this artwork?