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    manuscript painting of the Carolingian period and Romanesequ

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    Please help with the following art history problem.

    Using specific examples, briefly discuss the difference between manuscript painting of the Carolingian period and that of the Romanesque.

    The explanation is given in 318 words.

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    As you compare the two types, please note that painting and decorating sacred manuscripts were a strength in the Carolingian period . Their texts embodied geometric patterns that were reminiscent of "Byzantine, Islamic or medieval Irish art" (http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_wilkins_artpstpres_5/0,9399,1493123-content,00.html). Lush painting also defined them.

    In terms of illumination, you might add that they were also highly sophisticated with decorative lettering. You might cite The Drogo Sacramentary as an example from this era at library.ucf.edu/.../Exhibits/LoveFaithMyth/faith4.htm

    As you ...

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    In this solution, a brief comparison of manuscript paintings of the Carolingian period and that of the Romanesque period is given.