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    Charlemagne's Empire

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    Why did Charlemagne's empire disintegrate?

    How did the barbarian invaders contribute to the development of western Europe following the rule of Charlemagne?

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    Charlemagne was the king of the Franks and ruled most of Western Europe and the Holy Roman Empire regions during the Carolingian empire era (742 - 814). Like his father and his grandfather before him, Charlemagne expanded and consolidated the Frankish nation through force of arms. His conflicts with Lombardy, Bavaria, and the Saxons not only expanded his national holdings but served to strengthen the Frankish military and occupy the warrior class. Moreover, his numerous and impressive victories gained Charlemagne the enormous respect of his nobility as well as the awe and the fear of his people.

    Many scholars have argued that Charlemagne's empire disintegrated because he never addressed the technological and economic difficulties that Europe faced now that Rome no longer provided bureaucratic homogeneity. Roads and bridges fell into decay, trade with the wealthy East was fractured, and manufacturing was by necessity a localized ...

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    This solution outlines reasons for why Charlemagne's Empire failed. This solution also examines how barbarian invaders contributed to the development of western Europe following the rule of Charlemagne.