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    Discussing Quantitative Methods

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    A large book publisher has five manuscripts that must be edited as soon as possible. Five editors are available for doing the work, however their working times on the various manuscripts will differ based on their backgrounds and interests. The publisher wants to use an assignment method to determine who does what manuscript. Estimates of editing times (in hours) for each manuscript by each editor is:

    Manuscript A B C D E

    1 12 8 10 16 13
    2 9 10 14 13 9
    3 17 14 9 18 12
    4 15 7 11 9 18
    5 12 18 22 11 27

    What is the total minimum editing time?

    (Please see the attached file for proper formatting of the chart)

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    The simplest way to approach this question would be to simply assign each manuscript to the editor who can complete it in the least amount of time. However, if you try to do this going from editor A to E, assigning Editor A to manuscript 2, B to manuscript 4, C to 3, D to 5 (since 4 is already taken), you are left with ...

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