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    30 second radio advertisement

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    Writing a 30-second radio spot. See instructions and an example of how radio is presented on the page.

    Please help this assignment please.

    Everything is inside file and example.

    only thing need to do same like example.

    thank you so much.

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    Your radio advertisement needs to sound upper class, since not everyone is going to be willing to spend 65 bucks on a pen, even if it does have a lifetime guarantee! Many people will spend more for a gift than for something for themselves, so I would market the pen as an elegant gift. the time when the advertisement will run is during the late Spring, when in the US it is time for graduation and weddings, so be sure to mention both of these important gift-giving occasions in the advertisement. If you have time, maybe mention birthdays and Mother's Day gifts, too.

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    Collins Pen
    Based on the information below, write a 30-second local radio spot for Collins Pen. There's very little money for production so you are advised to use no more than four voices, only ...

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    Writing the advertisement copy for a 30 second radio advertisement for Collins gold pens, with specifications, sound effects and voice script.