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Art in the Aztec Civilization

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Using three specific examples (works of art, architecture, music, or literature), express what the art says about the people who created it. Use the Aztec Civilization as the subject.

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As you briefly employ three specific examples to explain what the art says about the people who created it within the Aztec Civilization as the subject, I offer 4 examples to consider. First, I highly recommend the sculpture entitled, "Deity as Standard Bearer." It derived from the 15th-early 16th century in Mexico from the Aztecs. Made of stone, its image is located at http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/00.5.8

This piece strongly reveals to me how the people had a deep connection with nature as they used it to pay tribute to their gods and correlated closely with daily life's activities such as weather or fertility to them.

In turn, the art also indicates how the people cultivated a strong appreciation for the natural world as evident from the materials used in the artwork, especially stone as it was valuable for daily life, their calendar, etc. The pervasive theme in this piece, for example, asserts the type of basic materials that they used for survival and technological purposes, too.

This piece also demonstrates to me about the power dynamics/politics and specific gender roles in their society as this art clearly depicts a male deity as powerful and ...

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Using three specific examples (works of art, architecture), this solution briefly explains what the art says about the people who created it within the Aztec Civilization. 500 words of brainstorming and reference links are integrated.

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