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When Qualitative and Quantitative Methods can be Helpful

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Describe a particular problem at home or at work for which you feel that some form of 'research' would be helpful in identifying solutions to that problem. Indicate, where possible, how you believe that a course in 'quantitative methods' may help provide you with tools that will aid you in this task.

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Imagine you work for a firm that seems to be suffering from a high rate of attrition (turnover). The company can't seem to retain employees past 5 years. Every time a person leaves the firm, it is a costly and timely endeavor for the firm to recruit a new employee and fully train them. A secondary problem results in the fact that the talent pool is smaller, and thus it makes it hard to find people to promote internally.

So you were commissioned to set up a quantitative study to understand why employees were leaving. You think back to your quantitative methods class, and you remember many of the concepts, and you apply them to this real life situation.

You firstly realize the importance of anonymity - employees need to be able to freely speak their mind without having any fears that they can get into ...

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This solution discusses a situation where qualitative and quantitative methods can be helpful.

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