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Data Measurements for a Grocery Budget

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Identify a research issue, opportunity, or problem that uses data measurements. Some examples include a team member's stock portfolio's performance, a grocery budget, or the temperature in your hometown over the course of a month.

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A grocery budget is a very interesting choice since it is something that every household has to deal with. Food is one of the necessary items that needs to be purchased just to stay alive, and everyone needs to eat.

In today's economy, people are trying to economize, and one way to do so is by having a grocery budget. Here are some articles that might be of interest:




People could potentially be buying less frivolous products, and perhaps gravitate towards more healthy, filling products that are cheaper. As well, people might be shopping less at upscale grocery stores, and more at the discount stores.

Therefore, we are presented with a ...

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This response identifies an issue that will use different data measurements.