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Memo to request approval for something you would like

You were recently hired as a director of marketing for Greener Grocery, a company with a chain of grocery stores across the southern U.S. that focuses on natural and organic foods. Along with other high-end grocers, Greener Grocery has lost income during the recent recession as buyers have attempted to maximize their grocery budget by purchasing groceries and other sundries at Walmart, Target, and other super-stores.
Youâ??d like Greener Groceries to join the Food Marketing Collaborative, an organization that conducts programs in food safety, hosts product exhibitions, and acts as an advocate promoting industry positions to Congress and regulatory agencies. Membership fees are $1,200 per year and include access to Food Marketing Collaborativeâ??s research data bank, which contains information about consumer trends and emerging technologies in the industry. Included in the membership fees are two passes to Food Marketing Collaborativeâ??s annual conference, which you and your boss attended last year (the passes were $100 each).
Your boss will be hesitant to spend that much on membership fees.

***Write a memo to your supervisor and request that Greener Grocery join the Food Marketing Collaborative.

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First of all, the request would depend directly upon the results of the conference that you and your boss attended last year. If the conference had been helpful in planning for this year's budget, then it should be relatively easy to request the investment in time and money for the business. If, on the other hand, the conference ...

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How to write a memo to request approval for something you would like