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Regression analysis for cancer incidence data

State Percentage who smoke Cancer incidence per 100,000 (age-adjusted)
Kentucky 27.4% 498.2
Pennsylvania 22.6% 496.2
Maine 20.9% 508.9
New York 19.9% 469.3
Maryland 19.5% 488.0
Utah 10.5% 405.7

A. Explain why it might be important to look at cancer incidence that is age-adjusted rather than just cancer incidence).
B. (Perform simple linear regression on these data and report your finding.
C. Explain the significance of the Pearson correlation coefficient and the coefficient of determination.

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The solution gives the regression analysis for cancer incidence data. Details of slope, intercept, correlation, residual, r square, coefficient of determination, regression, coefficients, independent variable, dependent variable, least square estimation are included in the solution.