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Sales data for manufacturer of ready to eat cereal, volume differences

Assume you are a marketing analyst working for a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal. You are given detailed sales data for the past year and asked to create a report showing the differences between the four sales regions (north, south, east, and west) in terms of sales volume, profitability, and changes in sales volume and profitability; marketing expenditures and changes in marketing expenditures; and per capita sales and marketing expenditures.

What type of data is the sales data you are working on? What specific statistical techniques and charts would you use to depict differences, specifically addressing each of the categories constituting your report? Why?

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As far as the questions as to what type of data is the sales data which consists of

sales volume
changes in sales volume and profitability
marketing expenditures and changes
per capita sales

In statistics there are generally speaking two major types of data

Qualitative variables: which are data values that ...

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Sales data for manufacturers of ready to eat cereal are examined. The volume differences are determined.