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    Describes at different statistical usages in daily life

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    Considering all of the day to day activities you are engaged in at work and in your personal lives, write a 200 (or more) word paper that describes at least three (3) different statistical usages that you see regularly. For each, describe how the statistics enhance the understanding of an issue or problem for the reader. Finally, include a short description of "descriptive statistics", the way you understand the term.

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    Hi, I can't write the paper for you, but I will be more then happy to provide you with several examples of stats that are used in every day life.

    First, let's look at descriptive statistics, these are ways to describe what data is claiming. In other words, a study is conducted, and hundreds of pieces of raw data are collected. This unfortunately has no usefulness for a person to get a huge print out of hundreds of data points. What gives us information, makes the data useful to the reader is to tabulate descriptive statistics. They summarize the data and makes it understandable for the reader.

    First, you eat cereal in the morning, and the box states that by eating this cereal, you reduce your cholesterol by 7 points. This is the result of statistics. What happens ...

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    This paper provides insight on three different every day scenarios in which statistics come into play.