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    Argumentation and Influence Every Day: School, Work, Home

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    How might argumentation differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? To demonstrate this, select a position from a current event with which you are familiar. How would you argue this position in the classroom, daily life, and on the job? Would you use different supporting evidence to make your argument? What expectations would you have of someone arguing a position to you in each of these different settings.

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    This is an interesting question because of how different your objectives would be in the three different areas listed. In the classroom, you may be defending or staking out an academic position with your teacher/classmates. In daily life, or day to day conversation, one doesn't so much defend a position or take positions as much as simply converse, tell stories, compare stories, etc. In some case, in daily life, you may be discussing a decision that needs to be made and assessing the pros and cons of the decision and what your options are. However, on the job, you may have a specific objective you are attempting to achieve - to get budget approval, to change a business process, to convince the IT Helpdesk that your problem is REALLY IMPORTANT. In each case, depending of course on the urgency of the situation under discussion, you would in all likelihood take a different ...

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    This solution discusses how context influences argument; how the environment affects influence.