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Assessment: Constructing a Pop Culture Inventory

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ASSESSMENT: Pop Culture Inventory

I need help doing an inventory list and answering three questions in order to have enough information to write an essay.

Every day we make a variety of choices regarding the clothing we wear, the food we eat, the entertainments we seek out and the products we buy. For several days, compile an inventory of every artifact of popular culture that you come into contact with - music videos, fast food establishments, comic books, etc. After compiling this inventory, compose a 700-1050 word essay which addresses the following questions:

1) What patterns are identifiable in the list of pop culture artifacts in your inventory? Are certain sorts of items more common than others; are there themes that seem to be more prevalent? If so, are these patterns indicative of a fad (a short-term influence) or a trend (a long-term, sustained change in culture)?

2) What values are being communicated in the items in the compiled inventory? Are convenience, pleasure and gratification emphasized? Health, pursuit of wealth, social responsibility?

3) To what extent do you feel that the values imported by popular culture have directly impacted your personal decision-making? Do you consider yourself very aware of the influence of popular culture on your decision-making? Or has the influence been more sub-conscious?

Be sure to attach your inventory to the answer of these questions.

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This essay is trying to get you to reflect on how you relate to popular culture and consumerism. Most of us are not aware of how these things affect us, of how we interact with them every day. Show that you are thinking of the hidden things that connect you to the products and popular culture that you live within.

The 'inventory list' would likely be such things as:
Computer games
Comic books
Food in general
Amusement center
Personal computer
Sports game
A live gig

These are all things that you are likely to consume or interact with in a normal week. On a normal Saturday, you ...

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This solution describes how to compile information to devise a pop culture inventory. Questions to ask yourself revolve around what you buy, do and how you interact with these things. The text contains 477 words.