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    Objectives of Supply Chain

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    3. Consider the supply chain for breakfast cereal. Discuss the competing objectives of the farmers who make the raw materials, the manufacturing division of the company that makes the cereal, the logistics division of the company that makes the cereal, the marketing division of the company that make the cereal, the distribution arm of the grocery chain that sells the cereal, and the manager of the individual grocery store that sells the cereal. (20 points)

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    The farmers who make raw materials for cereals have the objective of selling all that they have produced at the time of production to the manufacturer of the cereal company, and getting the highest possible price for the raw materials. The objective of the manufacturing division is to get exactly the quantity and quality of raw materials it needs for manufacturing, purchase at the lowest possible price, and receive quantities of raw material so that it carries the minimum inventory(a). The logistics division of the company that makes the cereal wants to carry stocks from the farmer to the factory ...

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