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1. A real estate agent is taking potential buyers to look at 7 houses for sale. She has a key for each house, but she brough only 4 of the keys with her. Not all of the houses are locked. In fact, 25% are not locked. She has taken the potential buyers to the first house and will try to get them through the door. What is the probability that she will be successful?

2. A town has two fire trucks, A and B. They are operated independently. Given that the probability the fire truck A will arrive in 10 minutes of a call is 81% and that the probability the fire truck B will arrive within 10 minutes of a call is 93%

A) What is the probability that neither truck will be there within 10 minutes?

B) What is the probability that at least one of the two truck will be there in time?

I just wanted help to set up the problem and what-not, the professor gave the answers its just our part to figure out how it goes together.
1) 67.9%
2) a) 1.3%
b) 98.7%

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