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Fire Fatalities
If computations are used, please use an Excel worksheet to show them or state response in a form that can be transferred to a spreadsheet.

Using the table below, how many victims were in the category
described by:
a. (A and A′)?

b. (C or F)?

c. (A′ and G′)?

d. (B or G′)?

The following contingency table of frequencies is based on a 5-year
study of fire fatalities in Maryland. For purposes of clarity, columns
and rows are identified by letters A-C and D-G, respectively.
SOURCE: National Fire Protection Association, The 1984 Fire Almanac, p. 151.

Blood Alcohol
Level of Victim
0.00% 0.01-0.09% > 0.10%
D 0-19 142 7 6 155
E 20-39 47 8 41 96
F 40-59 29 8 77 114
G 60 or more 47 7 35 89
265 30 159 454



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