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    (27) A company is in the process of hiring new employees for its sales force. The Human Resource manager estimates that the following are the probabilities of how many sales people will be hired during the next three months:
    No. To Be Hired Probability
    0 5%
    1 10%
    2 20%
    3 20%
    4 25%
    5 10%
    6 10%

    What is the expected number of new hires over the next three months?
    a. 3.4
    b. 3.1
    c. 2.9
    d. 3.2
    e. None of the above

    (28) In question #27, what is the expected range of new hires over the next three months with approximately 75% probability?
    a. 0 to 6.4 persons
    b. .4 to 4.2 persons
    c. 1.2 to 4.4 persons
    d. 1.6 to 5.4 persons
    e. None of the above

    (37) A cola dispensing machine is set to dispense a mean of 2.02 liters into a container labeled 2 liters. Actual quantities dispensed vary and the amounts are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.015 liters. What is the probability a container will have more than 2 liters?
    a. 0.0918
    b. 0.1327
    c. 0.8673
    d. 0.9082
    e. None of the above

    (36) Elly's hot dog emporium is famous for chili dogs. Some customers order hot dogs with hot peppers, while many do not care for the extra zest. Elly's latest taste test indicates that 30% of the customers ordering her chili dogs order it with hot peppers. Suppose 18 customers are selected at random. What is the probability that between 2 and 6 customers inclusive want hot peppers?
    a. 0.504
    b. 0.645
    c. 0.708
    d. 0.785
    e. None of the above

    (30) A personnel officer has 12 candidates to fill five positions. Assuming any candidate can fill any of the positions, what is the possible number of ways to fill the positions??
    a. 550
    b. 792
    c. 4,636
    d. 95,040
    e. None of the above

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