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    Chances of Recieving a Direct Hit by a Scud Missile

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    Chances of recieving a direct hit by a scud missile.
    A scud carries 113kg of explosive, has blast are of 91m in diameter and that missiles are being lobbed into an area 80km long and 48km wide. Assume that missiles fall randomly on this area.
    a) What is the probability of being in the blast area of a missile?
    b) If 20 missiles fell onto the area, what is the probability of escaping all 20?

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    Total Area that the missile will blast = (pi*d^2)/4
    = ((22/7)*91*91)/4 = 6506.5 sq ...

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    The chances of receiving a direct Hit by a Scub Missile is analyzed. The probability of escaping all 20 missle blast areas are given.