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    Elastic Collisions Calculation

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    That neighbor's pesky kid now has new missiles that make elastic collisions-

    He insists on throwing 25.0 g rocks at your new 2.25 kg light fixture hanging by a 26.0 cm wire from the ceiling of your porch. If each rock strikes the fixture traveling at 10.0 m/s, how high will the light fixture go after it is hit by one of these new missiles?

    h= ?m

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    The first thing to notice about this problem is the fact that the collisions are elastic. This means that no energy is lost in the process, i.e the total energy of the system( the system in this our case is made up of the flying rock and the hanging fixture) The first thing that should come to mind is to apply the law of conservation of energy.
    Since the total energy is constant ,

    Energy lost by flying rock (the missile) = Energy gained by the hanging fixture.

    When the fixture gains this energy from the rock what happens? It ...

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