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Probability Using Tree Diagrams

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I have three questions:

1. A woman has two children. What are the odds that both are boys?
2. Charlie hits the target 80 times in 100 shots. Jim hits the target 90 times in 100 shots. What are the chances that the target will be hit if each fires once?
3. In 1946, statistics showed that 2 percent of fruit boats arrived with their cargoes ruined. If two boats arrived, what was the probability that both cargoes were ruined? Please use tree diagrams to find answer.


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Solution Summary

Using a tree diagram, this solution provides a step-by-step answer to three probability questions.

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Probability Using Tree Diagrams

Your questions are these:

1. A woman has two children. What are the odds that both are boys?

2. Charlie hits the ...

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