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    Tree Diagram

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    A min license plate for a toy car must consist of a one digit odd number followed by two letters . each letter must be a J or K. Repetition of letter is permitted.

    Use the counting princdiple to determine the number of points in the sample space.

    Construct a tree diagram to represent this sitution.

    list the sample space

    determine the exact probability of creating a min license plate with a J. solution should be in reduce fraction form

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    Counting principlesays there are 5 x 2 x 2 or 20 possibilities:

    Sample space: {1JJ, 1KK, 1JK, 1KJ, 3JJ, 3KK, 3JK, 3KJ, 5JJ, 5KK, 5JK, ...

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    The expert examines tree diagrams and probability.