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I have a team research project. We have completed the first part of the paper, but are stuck on where to go with the second half and need help with writing and research and statistical testing for it. I am posting both the first part assignment, and the 2nd part which we need help with. We need help with all parts of the 2nd half. I have also attached the first paper that was written by the team.

1st part of paper--Each Learning Team will submit a paper which contains two components, totaling 1,400 to 2,100 words.

The first section will define the topic of their project. Members of the Learning Team will discuss each of their Article Analyses from Week One and, from one of those articles, choose and define the business related problem that will be the subject of the project. This will include an analysis related to the importance of the problem to the firm or organization impacted by it, evidence to support the significance of the problem, primary and secondary data sources, and the populations of interest. Finally, each team will clearly describe the sources or resources that will be used to collect relevant data. It is expected that three to five data sources will be used. This portion of the paper will encompass 700 to 1050 words.

The second component will clearly define the dependent and independent variables that are the focus of their study. The dependent variable is the variable whose value is the result or is a function of the control or independent variables. In addition, the teams will state the null and alternative hypotheses, and the theories that support these hypotheses, that will be tested. The methodology that will be used to test these hypotheses will also be presented. Primary and secondary data sources will also be clearly defined. This portion of the paper will encompass 700 to 1,050 words.

2nd part of paper (needed part)--This paper will build on the deliverable for Week Three by including the following information: The team will compute the sample size required for their project and will clearly support the criteria used to arrive at this figure. The team will also describe how they selected and produced their samples and a final list of data sources. Specifically, the team will state how the data was selected, discuss a final plan or methodology to collect the data, describe the survey instruments that would be used to collect their samples, and indicate the analytical approach and test statistics that would be used to test their hypotheses. This paper will encompass 700 to 1,050 words.

In summary, each Learning Team will deliver the final project that will encompass 2,800 to 3,500 words. This paper will be a compilation of the Week Three and Week Five assignments. Again, it will include final recommendations related to defining and explaining the problem and stating the hypotheses that will be tested. The Learning Team will also describe the independent and dependent variables that are relevant to the analyses and data sources, and will present related survey instruments. Sample size and the populations from which the samples will be collected will be described. The methodology that would be used to test these hypotheses and test statistics will be discussed. Conclusions and recommendations based on this work will be included in the report. An appendix will include related data. Additional work may include the analysis of the data, interpretation of the results, testing hypotheses, and recommendations based on this analysis.

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