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To determine a target audience for a new email package, a computer company surveyed a large sample of potential customers, asking each whether he or she uses email on a regular basis. (The company considered "a regular basis" to be at least three times a week.) The data, as summarized in the contingency table below, were classified by the age of the respondent and the response to the question.

The respective observed frequencies are written in the cells of the table. In addition, three of the cells have blanks beneath the observed frequencies. Fill in these blanks with the frequencies expected if the two variables, email use and age, are independent.
Round your responses to at least two decimal places.
Under 18 18-35 36-54 55+ Total
On a regular basis 123 109 47 117
(fill this in) 396
Not on a reg. Basis 165 188 51 200
(fill this in) (fillthisin)
Total 288 297 98 317 1000

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Probability of two independent events is
P(under 18 and on a regular basis) = P(under 18) x P(on a regular basis)
=288/1000 x 396/1000 ...

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