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    Research methods Independent vs Dependent variables

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    A neuropsychologist compare the auditory abilities of blind versus normally sighted rats. He predicted that the visually impaired rats would have better auditory development than normally sighted rats. He raises two groups of rats for a year (one normally sighted, one blind) and assessed auditory development by examining the neural activity in the auditory cortex of each rat.
    Name the following:
    Independent variable:
    Levels of the independent variable:
    Dependent variable:

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    you have asked for the Independent and Dependent Variables as well as the levels of Independent variables for the above study.

    An Independent Variable is a variable that is manipulated by an experimenter. In the above study, the independent variable (variable that is being manipulated) is the different visual ...

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    Compare auditory abilities of blind versus normally sighted rats. Identifying the dependent and independent variables in this example.