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Scatter Diagram, Dependent vs. Independent & Coefficients Defined

Define each term.
Scatter Diagram
Dependent vs. Independent variable
Coefficient of Correlation
Coefficient of Determination

Develop a scatter diagram using data that is appropriate to your company. Explain your problem and interpret your results. (You may use Excel or MegaStat to develop your scatter diagram.)

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Scatter diagrams are used to study possible relationships between two variables. Although these diagrams cannot prove that one variable causes the other, they do indicate the existence of a relationship, as well as the strength of that relationship. A scatter diagram is composed of a horizontal axis containing the measured values of one variable and a vertical axis representing the measurements of the other variable. The type of relationship that exists is indicated by the slope of the diagram.

Dependent vs. Independent variable:
Independent variables are those that are manipulated whereas dependent variables are only measured or registered. This distinction appears terminologically confusing to many because, as ...

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Almost 400 words and an Excel spreadsheet are used to define the terms: Scatter Diagram, Dependent vs. Independent variable, Coefficient of Correlation and Coefficient of Determination.